Zendo Stäfa



Dieter Kushin Wartenweiler 

In the early 1980’s Dieter Kushin Wartenweiler started formal zen training and some years later he initiated his first zen meditation group. On June 6, 2010 Niklaus Jinju Brantschen Roshi gave Dharma transmission to him at the Lassalle-Haus / Switzerland. Before this event he did a long journey trough Japan, taking part in sesshins and meeting many Japanese zen masters. Then he has built a new zendo in Staefa / Switzerland at a wonderful place over the lake of Zurich, being inaugurated 2011 by Niklaus Brantschen Roshi in the presence of several zen teachers and many students of the Glassman-Lassalle Zen-Line.

Dieter Wartenweiler holds a PhD in economics and Jungian Psychology. He has been a seminar instructor and lecturer at the Lassalle-Institute since beginning of 2010. His main focus is on Zen for leaders. As founder and mentor of a consulting company with a branch each in Switzerland and Germany, he has developed education and training courses in management coaching and project coaching and was responsible for training a large number of coaches who now work in business and industry. He also has been acting as a management coach with teams and managers, some of them in high executive positions. He held several management positions himself and has conducted his own psychotherapy practice. He is also a regular lecturer in the fields of business, psychology and zen and author of several books. Dieter Wartenweiler is father of two adult children, one of them an MD.